18.02.18 CTR  AberBig Season Warm up with a farewell to the Beeg , Venue Aberbeeg NP13 2ER Sign Posted Off the A4046, We have a great mixed 6 mile Enduro Loop with Fast Blasts, Fields Woods ETC:-Entries Entries £50 Late Day Entry Charge of £10, Class:-Expert /Expert Vets/Clubman Vets/ Open Over 50’s /Clubman/Sportsman-Novice-Beginner Must sign on by 10.30 Start 11am Must be on the line 10.40 ready to start Any Tyres IOPD,Competition Licence required A IOPD licence can be obtained on the day Details on CTR EVENTS Website for payments & All Forms. 07977587250/07798662804,Join us on Facebook @ Carl Tiley or email:- Full Name,Bike,Class for entry we will then reply back with CTR Race number to confirm your place. tiley66@yahoo.co.uk. Camping available. You are responsible for your litter please take it home!. SPECTATORS PLEASE PICK UP AND TAKE HOME YOUR LITTER.

18.02.18 CTR Season Warm up 2 & Half hour H&H's with a farewell to the Beeg for a while, Venue Aberbeeg NP13 2ER Sign Posted Off the A4046, Details at www.ctrevents.co.uk
Entries available up 8pm tonight classed as day entry after your all welcome and we always have room 😀
The track and track conditions are on point fast flowing ready for some great racing 

by CTREvents


17.02.18 CTR Enduro Practice Day Day £40 11am-4pm Venue Hafod Y Dafal Farm, Off the A4046 NP13 2ER :- Take this chance to Practice on a race track or Practice Sundays Race:- Details at www.ctrevents.co.uk

by CTREvents

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