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2018 DATES

20.01.18 CTR Enduro/Extreme Practice Day

21.01.18 CTR Extreme MotoDuro RD1 AberBerg 3 x 40 Minut…

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Next Few Events Planned

16.12.17 CTR Enduro/Extreme Training Day 15 LTD Numbers please enter ASAP:- Details at www.ctreven…

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Derek Bawn Wins SXCC RD10

Derek Bawn Wins CTR Final Round of the 2017 Enduro Cross Country Championship at the Awesome Aberbe…

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CTR SXCC ( X Country Championship) RD10 THE FINAL

NumberClassNameTownBike5ExpertMatthew JonesHUS 30012ExpertJack HeathYAM 25015ExpertChris BryantKTM5…

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