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Alfie Webb Wins CTR Enduro Cross Country Championship Round 9

Alfie Webb Wins CTR Enduro Cross Country Championship Round 9

Alfie Webb was on fire at a very sunny cold autumnal day at the awesome Aberbeeg east south Wales with a great mix of enduro riding of fast farm tracks, wooded cambers, green gassy fields, rocky hills and a few hard/easy loop options and after a long hard battle with the hammer Derek Bawn.

At the start and as CTR dropped the start flag to release the Experts it was Rhys Faulkner with the hole shot and Paul Biggs getting the Vets Experts, Next away the Clubman class with the ever improving Graham Owens grabbing the holeshot, Next set free the Over 50’s and Vet Clubman with Phil George getting the holeshot and Keith Hebbron getting the Vet Clubman holeshot, last to be set loose the Novice class with Roy Warmsley got the holeshot.

At lap scoring all eyes were focused to see who appear first and with the great sound of a high revving 2 stroke in the distance it was young Gunn Alfie Webb on his little 125 leading with Derek Bawn 22 seconds behind and Rhys Faulkner a further 25 seconds behind with Paul Biggs next around leading the Vet Experts around, Next class leader around was Jac George with Graham Owens hot on his tail, Next class leader around was Vet Clubman Toby Bevan with Over 50 class racer Phil George snapping at his tail Chris Williams was the next class leader around.

As the race progressed Derek Bawn was leading with Alfie Webb second and Rhys Faulkner third, Paul Biggs was leading the Vet Experts with Caerwyn Ralph second and newly self-promoted Len Giles in third, Phil George was leading the Over 50 class from Andrew Williams, Toby Bevan was battling with Keith Hebbron and Jeff Morris third, Young Jac George was leading the Clubman from Graham Owens and Alex Van Dyke, Young Jack Hawkins was eading the Novice class with Chris Williams second and Sam Parton finding his form and pushing hard in third.

At the chequered flag the win went to Alfie Webb with Derek Bawn coming home in second just 9 seconds behind and Rhys Faulkner third, Paul Biggs won the Vet Experts with Len Giles second Caerwyn Ralph came home third after a few bike issues, Phil George won the Over 50’s class with Andrew Williams second, Toby Bevan passed Keith Hebbron on the last lap to win the Vet Clubman and the somewhat battered Keith Hebbron got home in second with Jeff Morris third, Jack George won the Clubman class form Graham Owens and Alex Van Dyke third, Jack Hawkins won the Novice class from Chris Williams and Sam Parton third, its was a great day with everyone coming home happy, CTR would like to thank all involved and look forward to seeing you all at the next event 17th and 18th November.  

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