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Charlie Frost Wins CTR Cross Country Championship Round 6 Race Report

Charlie Frost Wins CTR Cross Country Championship Round 6

Charlie Frost led from lap one to the end being pushed hard for the first hour by hard charger the hammer Derek Bawn as Bawn got a rear puncher letting Frost of the hook, by this time both Frost and Bawn had pulled away from the rest of the CTR racers leaving Charlie Frost to it, Team CTR had been hard at work on this brand new Enduro cross country race track with all sorts to test the riders out with steep hill climbs, steep descents, fast blasts around fields and fern banks with some nicely contoured hill tops and finishing off with the sleeper run before entering lap scoring.

At the start and after a short briefing with CTR the Experts and Vet Experts were let loose with Charlie Frost getting the Experts holeshot from Derek Bawn and Rhys Davies, Grant Churchward got the Vet Expert holeshot from Paul Biggs and Ryan Mitchell, Next let loose the Clubman class with Jammo Jones getting the holeshot from Dale Walsh and Ross Lower, Next set free the Over  50’s and the Vet Clubman with Phil George (Over 50) getting the holeshot from Toby Bevan (Vet Clubman), Next released the Novice with Morgan Dummett getting the holeshot.

At lap scoring all eyes were set to see who would lap first and it was #9 Charlie Frost with Derek Bawn just 2 seconds behind and Rhys Davies another 3 seconds behind, Grant Churchward was 4th around and leading the Vet Experts with Paul Biggs not too far behind and Caerwyn Ralph 3rd “must have been inspired by his wife and step daughter doing CTR lap scoring) chasing just behind, next class leader around was Dale Walsh with Glyn McGuire snapping at his tail, next class leader around was Over 50 rider Phil George with Mark Saunders and Brian Collins close behind, next class leader around was Morgan Dummett with Tom Frowen and Chris Williams chasing him down not far behind.

At the chequered flag it was Charlie Frost taking the overall win with a 3 minute lead over 2nd place Jacob Bowden and Rhys Davies 3rd, Grant Churchward won the Vet Experts from Paul Biggs nad Caerwyn Ralph, Phil George won the Over 50’s from Brian Collins and Mark Saunders, Keith Hebron won the Vet Clubman from Anthony Marsh and Toby Bevan, Glyn McGuire won the Clubman class from Dale Walsh and Jammo Jones, Jack Hawkins won the Novice class from Chris Williams and Morgan Dummett. It was a great days racing at the great new CTR venue enjoyed by all everyone loved the new track and we look forward to returning with thanks to the landowners, A massive thanks to all the team and see you all at the next CTR Event round 7 on the 15th & 16th September for a details      

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