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Derek Bawn wins CTR XCC round 7

Derek Bawn wins CTR XCC round 7

Derek Bawn led from start to finish at CTR in some very challenging we conditions, Team CTR built a great Enduro cross country race track with 6 miles of very varied going of long top gear blasts, steep descents, jumps, hill climbs, stream crossings ETC,

At the start CTR dropped the flag to release the riders first let loose the Experts with Derek Bawn getting the holeshot and Grant Churchward grabbing the Vet Expert holeshot, next set free the Clubman with Graham Owens grabbing the holeshot, Next released Vet Clubman and Over 50’s with Phil George getting the holeshot and David Carvell getting the Vet Clubman holeshot, Last set free the Novice-Beginner class with Richie Elliot grabbing the holeshot, so as all the CTR racers were set lose all eyes were focused on the lap scoring area.

Derek Bawn was the first rider around the lap in 10:25 with Vet Expert Grant Churchward hot on his tail and Matthew Jones also snapping at his tail from Rhys Faulkner and Vet Expert Neil Thomas the next class leader around the lap was Graham Owens from Dale Walsh and Glyn McGuire, Phil George Over 50’s class was the next class leader around with David Carvell the next class leader leading the Vet Clubman around, the next class leader around was Novice-Beginner class racer Richie Elliott.

At the chequered flag the hammer Derek Bawn took the win from young gun Alfie Webb with a welcome return to the wimpy Matthew Jones in 3rd, Grant Churchward with another welcome return in second Neil Thomas and Paul Biggs in third, The Vet Clubman was won by Keith Hebron with David Carvell second and Toby Bevan third, The Over 50’s was won by the awesome Phil George with a great 12 laps, the Clubman class was won by the ever improving and exciting Glyn Boi McGuire with Dale Walsh third, the Novice-Beginner class was won by Ed Davies with Richie Elliott second and Jason Kendall third.

It was a tough day with the weather throwing a curve ball in the mix, a big thankyou to all involved  everyone enjoyed the day see you all at the next CTR Event 29th and 30th September.  

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