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Derek Bawn Wins SXCC RD10

Derek Bawn Wins CTR Final Round of the 2017 Enduro Cross Country Championship at the Awesome Aberbeeg

Derek the Hammer Bawn showed supper man strength to push all the way to the end taking the win from Mathew Jones with a few laps from the end, CTR and the team had been hard at work all week building one of the best Enduro Cross Country courses to date, Team CTR built a 6.4 mile Enduro course with great access & parking suitable for all weathers with 3 hard-easy loop options fast farm tracks, fields hills descents jumps woods forest MX track ETC all built to accommodate any weather conditions .

At the start Grant Churchward got the holeshot and led the Vet Experts with Derek Bawn getting the Expert holeshot very closely followed by Matthew Jones and early leader Jay Thomas next group set free was the clubman with Graham Owens getting the holeshot closely followed by Glyn McGuire and Jammo Jones, Next let loose the Vet Clubman and Over 50’s with Neil Price grabbing the Vet Clubman holeshot, Last to be unleashed was the Novice class with Scott Owens getting the holeshot as all the CTR racers set off into the distance all eyes were now focussed on lap scoring to see who would lead the racers around.

At Lap Scoring the CTR racers were led by Jay Thomas with Matthew Jones hot on his tail and Derek Bawn just 30 seconds behind Grant Churchward was next to complete the lap leading the Vet Expert charge with Paul Biggs and Paul Downing not far behind Alfie Webb led the Clubman class around with Jammo Jones and Graham Owens chasing him hard, Next class leader around the lap was Vet Clubman Jeff Cripps with Jac George led the Novice class around just a couple of bikes infront of his Dad Phil George who was leading the Over 50’s around.

At the midway Jay Thomas had dropped out when his tyre came off the wheel, with Matthew Jones now leading the race and the hammer man Derek Bawn hot on his tail ready to pounce and with Jones stopping to long in the pits changing a clutch lever Bawn took control and led the race to the end with Matthew Jones 2nd and Vet Expert Grant Churchward 3rd and taking the class win Alfie Webb was leading the Clubman and Ryan Mitchel was leading the Vet Clubman Phil George was leading the Over 50’s and Jac George was leading the Novice.

At the chequered flag everyone really enjoyed the days racing stating what an awesome track all with smiles on their faces Derek Bawn was the overall winner from the CTR XC 2017 Champion Matthew Jones Rhys Davies was 3rd in the Expert class, Grant Churchward won the Vet Experts from the CTR XC Vet Expert 2017 Champion Paul Biggs and Paul Downing fresh from his CTR training day taking a well deserved 3rd, Alfie Webb won the Clubman class and the CTR XC 2017 Championship with Jammo Jones 2nd and Graham Owens 3rd, Phil George won the Over 50’s class from the CTR XC 2017 Over 50’s Champion Richard Holland and Adrian Evans 3rd, Ryan Mitchel the CTR XC 2017 won the Vet Clubman class from David Carvell 2nd and Myles Thomas 3rd, Jac George won the Novice class and the CTR XC 2017 Championship with Scott Owens 2nd and Aled Flook 3rd , Its was a great day to cap off the CTR XC 2017 Championship enjoyed by so many people thanks to all involved looking forward to next Event 16th and 17th December details at


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