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Kalem Hicks Wins CTR Cross Country Championships Round 4

Kalem Hicks Wins CTR Cross Country Championships Round 4

Kalem Hicks was pushed hard all the way to the finished but he couldn’t be caught with a great performance and display of Hare & Hounds Enduro racing finishing strong with just under a minute lead, Team CTR built a Fan-Tastic 6 mile Enduro test with a great combination of hill climbs, hill descents, farm tracks, great fast blasts, with the awesome hard easy loop option just before coming into the finish area.

At the start CTR dropped the start flag releasing  the Expert and Vet Experts with Tim Forman grabbing the holeshot from Kalem Hicks and Matthew Jones, Grant Churchward got the Vet Expert holeshot from Paul Biggs and Ryan Mitchel, Next set free was the Clubman class with Graham Owens from Damo Siviter and Ryan Nightingale, Next let loose the Vet Clubman and Over 50 with Phil George get the holeshot and leading the Over’s from Adrian Evans with Andy Taylor leading the Vet Clubman from Anthony Marsh and Co, last to get away the Novice-Sportsman with Chris Williams grabbing the holeshot, So as all the riders were now on the attack and away everyone would be focused on the lap scoring area.

First to lap the Enduro course was Kalem Hicks with Matthew Jones and Derek Bawn hot on his tail, Grant Churchward was the 4th rider around leading the Vet Experts with Paul Biggs not far behind, Graham Owens was leading the Clubman around with Damo Siviter, Jammo Jones and Co snapping at his heals, Next class leader around the lap was Over 50 class rider Phil George on fire after racing the day before with Toby Bevan leading the Vet Clubman around and Scott Tatchell led the Novice-Sportsman around just infront of Chris Williams and Michael Davies  as all the riders managed their way around the lap.

Mid race and with pit stops coming into play Kalem Hicks was in a good led after swopping and changing with Matthew Jones Derek Bawn moved up into 2nd with Matthew Jones 3rd Grant Churchward was leading the Vet Experts from Paul Biggs and Ryan Mitchel, Phil George was leading the Over 50’s from Adrian Evans, Anthony Marsh was now leading the Vet Clubman from Keith Hebron and Lee Ponting was in 3rd, Ryan Nightingale and Graham Owens was having a great battle with Nightingale now leading from Owens and with Wil Jones now 3rd, Chris Williams was leading the Novice-Beginners class from Michael Jones with young Jack Hawkins in a great 3rd place.

At the chequered flag everyone had a great days racing and really enjoyed the track in great weather in a beautiful part of the world with Kalem Hicks taking a well-deserved and impressive win, Grant Churchward won the Vet Experts, Phil George won the Over 50’s, Anthony Marsh won the Vet Clubman, Ryan Nightingale won the Clubman Class, Chris Williams won the Novice-Sportsman class, CTR Events would like to thanks all involved and look forward to seeing you all at XCC RD5 1st July.

by CTREvents