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Matthew Jones was on fire-fire at CTR Events season warmer

Matthew Jones was on fire-fire at CTR Events season warmer

Matthew Jones won the CTR season warm up at the very challenging and versatile Hafod Y Dafal east south Wales, After a few days of late winter sun track building Sunday’s race day was a different story with a heavy wet fog that never lifted Matthew Jones and Team CTR had a busy day with ever changing conditions and track alterations keeping the race flowing and looking after the land, Jones led from start to finish with a great display of mud racing and looked like him and all the other CTR racers were most of the time having lots of fun.

Matthew Jones had a battle with Rhys Davies for the Holeshot with Jones finally taking the lead in the Experts, Grant Churchward grabbed the Vet Experts, Ryan Nightingale got the Clubman holeshot from Evan Davies and Co, Jeff Cripps grabbed the Vet Clubman holeshot from Carl Davies and Greg Rademayer, Andrew Phillips got the Novice class holeshot from Adam Lewis and the gang.

After 2 and half hours of CTR cross country Enduro racing the chequered flag was dropped and very happily received by all with Matthew Jones taking the overall win from young Henry Yardley and Tim Forman, Grant Churchward won the Vet Experts and was 3rd overall with Richard Baxter second in class and Ryan Mitchel 3rd, 15 year old Charlie Chater won the Clubman class with Jammo Jones 2nd and Ryan Nightingale 3rd, Carl Davies won the Vet Clubman from Andy Card with Keith Hebron 3rd, Jeff Parfitt won the Over 50 class, The Novice class was won by Andrew Phillips 2nd was Adam Lewis with Jason Kendal 3rd.

It was a great day racing at CTR Events everyone enjoyed the course and after the presentation all made their way home thanks to all involved and see you all at CTR Enduro Cross Country Championship EXCC round one March 17/18th.     


by CTREvents