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Derek Bawn Wins CTR Events Summer Cross Country Championship Round 4

Derek Bawn Wins CTR Events Summer Cross Country Championship Round 4

Derek Bawn was back to his winning ways at CTR SXCC RD4 in the amazing Trecastle on the South/Mid Wales boarder he had to wait his time before taking the lead after chasing Rhys Davies with Jordan Ridgway and Tim Forman, for over an hour in slippery conditions on CTR’s 5 mile fast flowing Enduro course with a great mix of fields, Big blasts a few bogs and ditches and jumps Jordan Ridgway put up and early challenge before fading away and dropping out leaving it to Tim Forman and Rhys Davies.

At the start Rhys Davies took the holeshot from Tim Forman and Derek Bawn, In the Vet Experts it was very close with Sean O’Neill taking the holeshot from Ryan Leary and Paul Biggs, the Clubman holeshot went to Little George Yardley on his KTM 85 Big Wheel with Glyn Macguire and Alfie Webb close behind, Over 50’s holeshot went to Phil George with Rob Murfin close behind and the Vet Clubman holeshot went to Rob James, The Novice class holeshot went to Richard Bowen with Andrew Phillips and Harry Vaux so with all the riders let loose and off out of sight all eyes were set on lap scoring.

At lap scoring it was Rhys Davies leading from Jordan Ridgway and Derek Bawn, Sean O’Neill led the Vet Experts around from Paul Biggs, Ryan Leary and Paul Downing all stuck together like a train, George Yardley led the Clubman class all way around the lap followed by Jonathan Xuereb, Mark Saunders led the Over 50’s around with Rob Murfin hot on his tail, Ryan Mitchel led the Vet Clubman around followed by Jeff Morris and Rob James, Jac George led the Novice class around with Dale Walsh and Harry Vaux a bit behind.

At the finish line everyone enjoyed the day with the hard charging Derek Bawn took the win by Just over 3 minutes with Rhys Davies 2nd and Tim Forman, Paul Biggs won the Vets Expert class on his boys little KTM 150 with Sean O’Neill 2nd and Ryan Leary 3rd, Alfie Webb took a well deserved Clubman class win from Johny Xuereb 2nd and Graham Owens 3rd, Ryan Mitchel won the Vet Clubman from Jeff Morris 2nd and Andy Holvey 3rd, Mark Saunders won the Over 50’s from Phil George 2nd and Rob Murfin 3rd, Jac George won the Novice class with Scott Owens 2nd and Jason Macbeth 3rd.

It was a great days racing in a beautiful and scenic part of the world enjoyed by all thanks to all involved riders, spectators, helpers, marshals, the land owner and all the CTR Team, next event CTR SXCC RD5 in July.

by CTREvents