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Matthew Wimpy Jones wins again

Matthew Wimpy Jones Wins CTR Events SXCC Rd 9 At the Fantastic Aberbeeg East South Wales

Matthew Jones was on unstoppable from winning the 2 and half hour race at CTR events taking the lead from start to finish and never looked out of control with no one able to push or challenge him around the 6 mile Enduro Cross Country loop, With a full mix of steep rocky descents and hill climbs, stream beds, Fast farm tarcks, MX track, Fields, Jumps and the deep dark woods where the big bad mouse lives.

At the start with CTR’s Olly dropping the flag to 1st unleash the Experts and Vet Experts Matthew Jones grabbed the holeshot with Ross Parry grabbing the Vet Expert holeshot a few seconds later little CTR dropped the flag for the Clubman class with Graham Owens grabbing the holeshot, Next let loose the Vet Clubman and Over 50 with Phil George and Andy Card grabbing the holeshot last to be set free to conquer the course was the Novice class with Jac George grabbing the holeshot from little Churchward Jordan and Steven Mathews as there all set off on their adventure all eyes focused on lap scoring.

At lap scoring Matthew Jones came around 1st  in 14:24 with a 1 minute lead over 2nd place man  Vet Expert Grant Churchward with Ross Parry Vet Expert , Tim Forman Expert and Alfie Webb Clubman all hot on his tail next class leader around the loop was Jac George Novice just infront of his dad Phil George who was Over 50’s around with Vet Clubman Andy Card leading the class around.

At mid-point Jones had a big lead with Tim Forman now in 2nd Paul Biggs moved into the Vet Expert lead with Grant Churchward in 2nd Ross Parry dropped out little Alfie Webb “Clubman” was leading his class now in an amazing 3rd place overall, Ryan Mitchel was leading the Vet Clubman and Phil George was leading the Over 50’s with son Jac leading the Novice class.

At the finish Matthew Jones won with an extra lap on everyone else it was a great days racing enjoyed buy all involved we had some young new faces CTR would like to thank you all for getting involved and we look forward to seeing you all at the next round on the 25th and 26th November.


by CTREvents